Top 10 Tips

1. Do something you enjoy once in a while

It will be a pick-me-up.

2. Seek other Carers for friendship and support

A trouble shared is a trouble halved.

3. Take care of your own health

You will cope with stress better.

4. Don’t set unrealistic goals

Smaller steps get you there in the end.

5. Ask for support when you need it

Seeking out help is a positive step.

6. You’re not a failure if you can’t always cope

You’re a champion for admitting it.

7. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes

Quality time for you is important.

8. Do fewer domestic chores but do them well

A sense of pride comes from doing a job well.

9. Prioritise commitments to free up more ‘me’ time

You won’t be running around like a headless chicken.

10. Be optimistic- tomorrow will be brighter

All good things come to those that wait.