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Beware Spoof Emails

Posted on 19th April 2016

Carers watch out….. it has come to our attention from one of our members that a “spoof” e-mail was sent to them asking for personal details.

We are currently investigating the source of this e-mail and the contents will be passed on to the appropriate authorities so that they may take the necessary action.Warning

If any member is asked for personal details of any nature, do not give these out under any circumstances.

We urge our members to use the on-line message service in order to protect their individual identities and to also be careful not to give away too many personal details in their individual profiles.

It is important to us that our Members are reassured that their identities are protected and that their personal e-mail addresses are NOT given out under any circumstances.  They are simply used for our administrative purposes and for updating individual profiles.

We do not want to seem as if we are teaching our Carers to “suck eggs” but always PLAY SAFE .. if you are communicating with anyone either on-line through our message service or your individual personal e-mail addresses, do not give away your personal details.  Government websites suggest that if a “scam” or “spoof” e-mail is sent to you, protect information such as your D.O.B., personal address, full name and place of birth and in particular, your bank details.  NEVER EVER give these out under any circumstances or part with any money. If anyone is asking you for these this should send out an alarm bell, a warning that something is wrong.

Check out the following website to source out further information on “scam”/”spoof” e-mails.

On a final note, please “PLAY IT SAFE” Carers and remember we want our Members to be able to use with the reassurance that their identities are protected, so together, let’s put a stop to this NOW.

Very best wishes to all of my Carers.




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