Coping Strategies


Take TIME-OUT for YOURSELF whenever possible.


Be Honest:

Admit when you are NOT coping and ASK for help before YOU reach “boiling” point.


Stay Healthy:

Eat a well balanced diet (the HEALTHIER you are – the BETTER you will cope with the stresses and strains of being a Carer).



Even if you start with a TEN MINUTE walk. Exercise releases endorphins that will help keep you a much happier and healthier Carer.



Don’t allow your Caring role to ISOLATE you – make time for friends and family.



Treat yourself (to something affordable) once in a while: it might be simply a new lipstick, a dramatic new hair-do or a meal out with a friend in your favourite restaurant.



Don’t lose sight of WHO you are: being a Carer can CONSUME you – retain your own identity and individuality.



If you have lost sight of WHO you ARE – retrain or do a therapeutic/vocational course in something that interests you. REKINDLE that SPARKLE.



Seek HELP when things become too tough to COPE with: don’t be ASHAMED to ADMIT you’re not COPING – you are HUMAN. At times being a Carer can be too much for one person alone to bear.


Self Confidence & Self Esteem:

Being a Carer can affect your confidence and self-esteem. If Caring is your full-time profession be proud of what you do and when people ask you “what do you do for a living” – say “I’m a No.1 Carer and Proud of it”.


Footnote: Being a Carer is a challenging but rewarding role; be Proud of the wonderful job you do.