Our Covid-19 advice

Covid-19 has put carers under enormous pressure already, often alone and with very little support. Our carers community is here to support you during this time of isolation, click find out more to read our advice.

Coping Strategies


Take TIME-OUT for YOURSELF whenever possible.


Be Honest:

Admit when you are NOT coping and ASK for help before YOU reach “boiling” point.


Stay Healthy:

Eat a well balanced diet (the HEALTHIER you are – the BETTER you will cope with the stresses and strains of being a Carer).



Even if you start with a TEN MINUTE walk. Exercise releases endorphins that will help keep you a much happier and healthier Carer.



Don’t allow your Caring role to ISOLATE you – make time for friends and family.



Treat yourself (to something affordable) once in a while: it might be simply a new lipstick, a dramatic new hair-do or a meal out with a friend in your favourite restaurant.



Don’t lose sight of WHO you are: being a Carer can CONSUME you – retain your own identity and individuality.



If you have lost sight of WHO you ARE – retrain or do a therapeutic/vocational course in something that interests you. REKINDLE that SPARKLE.



Seek HELP when things become too tough to COPE with: don’t be ASHAMED to ADMIT you’re not COPING – you are HUMAN. At times being a Carer can be too much for one person alone to bear.


Self Confidence & Self Esteem:

Being a Carer can affect your confidence and self-esteem. If Caring is your full-time profession be proud of what you do and when people ask you “what do you do for a living” – say “I’m a No.1 Carer and Proud of it”.


Footnote: Being a Carer is a challenging but rewarding role; be Proud of the wonderful job you do.