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Time to pick Yourself Up

“Don’t be blue, there is light on the horizon” …  that’s exactly what a Carer Buddy said to me only a few weeks ago when I was feeling really down in the dumps …. “try to look on the bright side of things it can only get better,” she said …. these words of wisdom did not help though and EVERYTHING was becoming too much to cope with.dog and chair v2

But honestly it’s not always easy to do that,” I said in reply …….. “and I don’t feel like looking optimistically at things right now cos I feel rather sorry for myself.  I have had a lot of health issues lately and I am fed up of being a Carer, I want someone to look after me for a change” I said, and I had a good old moan…..

I have to say i found myself pretty lonely for several weeks cos everyone was avoiding me like the plague and found me a complete pain, but I still whinged on and on!!

Has anyone else ever felt so low that they just COULD NOT pick themselves up and dust themselves off? I guess the answer to that one is going to be a resounding YES!!   … stupid question really I guess, but when it is happening to YOU, you just need someone to take you by the hand, and lead you along  a different path and take the strain and make you feel better.

Well I have had a moan now and I have to say I am over that blues period and life is tickety boo again!! … but I had to get over it mostly myself cos the people I thought I could rely on and that would be there for me, weren’t: not friends, not family, not ANYONE!! ….  well at least that’s how it felt, I am sure my perception of things was not done with much clarity as I was in a cloudy state of mind where everything seemed a bit foggy if you get my drift …… but if I take a little time to think about it, I did approach one of the Charities who support Carers and they were absolutely marvelous, and I did contact my favourite buddies on CCI too, so i guess I did get help but not from the areas I expected to, my closest friends and family.

So if the going gets tough for you and you are not sure where to turn if the people you think will support you let you down then don’t give up keep trying, someone will EVENTUALLY listen and if they don’t, keep trying until you find someone that CAN take ten minutes out of their day to make you feel better.  I did and it worked for me and it can work for you too…. I may have had to cry and shout out a lot louder than I expected “HELP ME, I’M IN A SINKING SHIP HERE”!! ….. but I’m not in that sinking ship anymore!! ….

Take care now and lots of love from a Carer Buddy on CCI (Carers Connect International)

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