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The Joys of a Carer Buddy

Thanks to my Carer Buddy I met on carersconnectint.com I have found sanity again! I was so lonely and overwhelmed by my caring role that I didn’t know where to turn and then I found a friend I could truly rely on.animation carers connect int world

I don’t know if other carers have felt like me, but I am sure they have, in that I felt so ashamed to tell anyone that I found my caring role difficult, challenging and at times too much for me alone to cope with.  I also wanted to have someone I could talk to confidentially who understood what I was going through.

Being a member of carersconnectint.com has given me my life back again.  It may sound strange, but I can chat to my Carer Buddy on the internet and although we haven’t met face to face and are unlikely to I think as we live at the other side of the world from one another, we can talk about anything and everything and she understands what I am going through so well.

Although she wishes to remain anonymous and I too would prefer to as well, this is one of the beauties of the website; being able to communicate with another carer who has gone through exactly what I have gone through, and we can help each other through the hard times, have a laugh as well and pick each other up too with not only words of wisdom but words of experience.

No-one but my Carer Buddy seems to speak the same language as me when it comes to talking about my caring role.  Others just simply do not understand what it is like to be a Carer and how lonely and isolating it can be at times. On a final note I wanted to say thank you to Elaine Callaghan for putting together such a great website and giving me the opportunity to begin my life again.  My carer buddy has changed my life and I know I have changed hers too.

Thanks again Elaine.

From a Carer Buddy on carersconnectint.com

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