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No Need to be Alone

Don’t feel alone anymore, log on and meet up with Carer Buddies on Carersconnectint.com – that is what I did and I honestly have not looked back…..biglogo-200x185

I felt that I was the only person in the world experiencing loneliness, isolation and dealing with the enormous challenges of my Caring responsibilities.  I then went on Google and searched for “Help for Carers” and came upon this Website by chance really.  It came up with the heading “feeling frustrated with your Caring Role”…. “Helpful Tips and Support” and I thought YES at last someone who  is listening and speaks the same language as me, and also someone who will hopefully understand what I am going through……  Although I was hesitant and thought maybe it was too good to be true, I nonetheless thought what have I got to lose, things can’t get worse than they already are …. well I was wrong to have doubts, I have not looked back and it has changed my world and made it a significantly brighter place.” someone makes ME a cup of tea occasionally too!!”

I contacted Elaine who is the Founder of the Site and asked if I could do my “Story of the Month” to tell other Carers how the Site has helped me.  She was so pleased to hear from me and said that it is the very reason she developed the Website for people like me who feel overwhelmed by their Caring Role and need either a friend to talk to, a shoulder to cry on or just simply want to message someone who understands and speaks the same language, that is, dealing with a similar Caring Role.

Well I can tell YOU Carer Buddies out there do get on-line and chat to other Carers because I no longer feel alone.  I have several Carers that I talk to via the safe Messaging Service on the Website and we really do understand what each other are going through. I have also arranged to go and visit a Carer Buddy I have got to know who lives abroad and she is going to visit me too in England.  We both have helped each other with the ups and downs of our Caring responsibilities. Although I find my caring incredibly rewarding it is still nice to find some time for me … someone even makes me a cup of tea occasionally too, which is a lovely treat as that never happens at home.

I do hope telling my story will encourage other Carers to get on the Website and find a Carer Buddy to talk to. I have also come up with some suggestions of things to put in the Newsletter that Elaine was especially pleased to include as she said the Website is here for Carers to have their voice and I CERTAINLY have found mine now.  I’m not saying I still don’t have difficult days to deal with but my confidence has grown and my outlook has changed because I’m not alone anymore.

Can I just say thanks to Elaine, the Founder of carersconnectint.com for giving me the confidence to write my Story as I was so nervous about it initially and for developing such a great Website.

Good luck to everyone in finding the Support and Friendship I have.

From a Carer Buddy on Carersconnectint.com

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