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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone … is it a good one I ask?  Well it doesn’t feel like it to me .. I ate too much and my belly resembles Santa’s and I tripped over the cat on the stairs and I’m hobbling about with a walking stick … but I’m still managing to smile through it!!20151103_212313

I logged on to CCI’s website and caught up with old Carer Buddies … which lifted my spirits a bit as their Christmas kind of resembled mine but without the “tripping over the cat” incident ……. Christmas and New Year can be hard …. it isn’t always a happy time and it can be incredibly stressful trying to please EVERYONE all of the time. It’s almost impossible to keep a jolly happy atmosphere and someone is very often disgruntled with either their Christmas present or trying to get on with Aunt Flow (whom they haven’t seen since the year dot!! or trying to hear and watch their favourite TV show when burly Uncle Jim is stood smack bang in front of it!! Ah well, that’s Christmas for you!!

One of the things everyone, just EVERYONE seems to forget is that Christmas and New year is just like any other day for the Carer …. and the Caring responsibilities still have to go on Twenty Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week and Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days a Year… but as stoical Carers, we keep on smiling through it don’t we?

Well enough moaning and groaning for now ……. I did enjoy some of it you know.  I did like some of my Christmas Presents and the Turkey Dinner was fabulous … and an old long term friend joined me and I didn’t succumb to seeing all those relatives that drove me mad last Christmas, and the Christmas before that, and the Christmas before that, etc, etc, etc, … and I got to watch what I wanted on TV for a change and even turn the TV off and have a little nap which was amazing!!

You know sometimes being a little selfish is a good thing and doing what YOU want for a change.  I know my caring role continued but it was a hundred times easier when I didn’t have to entertain and feed an army of people at the same time.

Christmas and New Year is the time to be with the people you love and hold dear but if family drive you mad and it’s a nightmare for you right now, then do as I did and break that mould and DO WHAT YOU WANT FOR A CHANGE!! It may surprise a few people and take them a while to get used to it but you can invite them over for afternoon tea or a nice meal and a chat when you’re feeling less stressed and your Caring role is less consuming.

If you managed to do it all AND your Caring, then good on you … and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, but if you didn’t then maybe next year take a leaf out of my book

Well that’s enough from little old me now, I think I have gone on enough so…. Very best wishes to everyone at CCI and a Happy New Year to all my Carer Buddies on CCI’s website. Thanks for being there for me at the hardest times and helping me through and making me see the funny side of life…..You know who you are….. and no names are needed!!

Love Elena X

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