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Go for It!

Be brave and go for it…. and try something new today!! Could be a new hairdo, new outfit or a new hobby.  You will be amazed at what a difference it will make just taking one small step to a newer you!!woman-balancing-300x240

I have been feeling particularly low lately after some personal family problems and my Caring role has been somewhat consuming me of late, but my closest friend made me go out and about even though, quite frankly, I would rather have pulled the covers over me and stayed in bed!!

But I have my wonderful friend (who incidentally is a Carer too) to thank for making me soldier on!!  We went out for the evening to a local club with live music and she dragged me onto the dance floor.  I have to say I would rather have stayed stuck in the corner being invisible and minding my own business, but you know, once I was up on that dance floor I had a ball!!

I guess the message I am trying to put across to other Carers is DO SOMETHING that makes YOU feel better, and even though the thought of maybe a suggestion from a friend to go bowling or salsa dancing might put you off, GO FOR IT!!…. like me, you might ACTUALLY quite enjoy it.

It is all too easy to stay in that rut and refuse to budge, but getting out and about and trying something new can make you feel less bogged down with your Caring responsibilities….. and if that friend, neighbour or relative asks you if you need a hand or a break from your Caring duties, don’t say what we always say “no that’s ok” …. shock them for once and say “yes please that would be lovely …. WHEN!!”    …. their jaw will probably hit the floor, but they can’t possibly retract that offer of assistance now can they? and a short break and a change to your routine will do you the power of good, even if only for a couple of hours.

Oh and when you have discovered that NEW YOU … tell other Members here on Carers Connect International all about it  …because I for one, love to hear Carers’ News … especially the upbeat, uplifting ones  … and I have learnt so much already from other Carers and their personal experiences: Carers have their own perspective on things and can teach you a different way of tackling a problem or Caring responsibility that perhaps you might not have thought of (for example, new “Coping Strategies” like the ones on here)

So don’t be shy like I used to be!! …. and reach out and offer SUPPORT to another Carer today – you’ll be amazed at what a difference YOU can make and find that NEW YOU …. it’s never too late to make changes to your life that will improve it.

Lots of love and best wishes to all my Carer Buddies …. (and you know who you are!!) and keep the Community going cos the world is a much nicer friendlier place now that I have my Carer Buddies I can turn to.


From “ANOTHER CARER BUDDY” here on Carers Connect International

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