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A lovely support group called Crossroads

Hi, my name is Steve and I read your profile on carersconnectint.com asking for help, so here I am.

I may not be able to offer you all the help you need, but some possible pointers in the right direction! Although I live in the UK I thought I could pass on a few tips that have helped me with my caring role.

I found out about a UK based charity called Crossroads who offer carer slide1-1024x267 (3)support on a weekly basis.  It helped me enormously and gave me an opportunity to have some very valuable ‘me’ time.  It also enabled my father, who is recovering from a stroke to have a new friend he could confide in.  He gets on really well with his Crossroads carer and actually really looks forward to the weekly sessions.  It is also absolutely FREE.

Although you are based in the United States, I feel sure there must be organisations, charities that offer the same kind of support that we have in the UK. You have to search them out and they are often not readily advertised, which is why a website such as this is so useful, because other carers can share their experiences and offer help and advice. I also know of other carers who have found tremendous support from going to monthly carer support meetings: Rethink run a monthly group for carers in the UK who are dealing with mental illness and it really helps to go along and talk to someone who understands your area of care and you can also have a laugh too.

The conversations that take place can only be truly understood by people who are dealing with the same kind of caring needs that you are. I did notice that there are a number of carers on the website from the United States, and it might be a good idea to get in touch with them and see if they know of any organisations that offer low cost or free support to carers.  You could also write your own ‘story of the month’ here and have your say.  Many people log on and read the stories and someone may have some really useful advice to share.

I for one would love to hear more about other carers’ experiences in other countries and what help and support is available to them.  Many carers don’t even think to ask for help untill they are at exhaustion point themselves or suffer ill-health themselves.  So I applaud you for taking the action you have and reaching out and asking.

Carersconnectint.com say we are  No.1 Carers and should be proud of the job we do, and I say to you, maxeytrisha1 be proud of the job you are doing, you sure are a No.1 Carer and someone out there will hear you and come to your aid.  What’s that saying, if you don’t ask you don’t get! Well, as carers we are now beginning to ask … and starting to get results … it may not be all we want or need, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Good luck  maxeytrisha1 and keep in touch, and do let us all know how you are getting on.

From a carer buddy, Steve

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