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A few tips on Money!

This Carer Buddy wishes to remain anonymous, but has some brilliant advice to Carers who find themselves in debt

Thrifty Spending: be a Credit Card Tart and check out Martin Lewis’ Website – MoneySavingExpert.comanimation carers connect int bernie sweeping

I thought I would drop Elaine a line to let her know about my new thrifty spending!! I was heavily in debt until I found out about Martin’s website and I can honestly say that bloke has saved me thousands.  I have not only taken a look at my credit cards and shuffled them to lower rates, but I have looked at energy saving light bulbs, cut the cost of my electricity and gas to cheaper suppliers, cheaper life insurance, house and contents insurance, car insurance, the list goes on and on and what a difference it has made.


I think I have the bug now and want to make sure I save as I can when I go out.  One brilliant tip he has is to only go out with a certain amount of cash in your pocket and leave the cards at home.  Cut up the credit cards if you cannot control the spending and For those of you who are familiar with Martin’s website, (the chap you often see on the programme This Morning or on the Radio, in fact I think he even has his own TV programme now) you will know what I mean when I say I have become a Credit Card Tart.

No seriously though, money matters are not something to be flippant about, especially when you are heavily in debt as I was, with quite frankly no idea of how to dig my way out of a big black hole.  Well, I have done it and I’m on my way now thanks to Martin’s brilliant advice. Many Carers, like myself have found themselves in debt and quite severely.  It is often impossible to make ends meet when a two family incomed household becomes one and then often none, and there is no income coming into the house except benefits. … and lets be frank they just don’t stretch far, even when you ARE receiving a Carers Allowance.  They give it to you with one hand and take it away with the other!!  But I’m not here to harp on about that, that is a whole other story and there simply isn’t the space on this page for that topic!!

If you are a Carer like myself and have found yourself in debt, Martin does suggest that the Citizens Advice Bureau is one way to go if you simply CANNOT meet your essential repayments each month, such as rent, food, etc… but if you are managing to cover all the essential bills and only pay the minimum repayments on all of your other debts, such as loans, credit cards, store cards then don’t despair.  There is a way out of it.  It won’t be easy and it won’t be immediate, nor will it be without a lot of hard work as I have found, but don’t let it drown you in paper-work and sleepless nights.

So get yourself a nice cup of tea and a yummy bicky and sit down and face the reality.  Write everything down and see what the damage is and then go through the helpful tips on the website to see what the cheapest way of paying the debt back is.

It will usually mean switching the credit card debt, for example to a life-time balance lower rate card or a zero percent deal on a card for a fixed number of months.  But he does say beware if you become a credit card tart and are regularly switching from one zero rate card to another, you have to make sure that you switch to another card before the zero percent deal runs out or you will be stung by heavier charges when the card reverts back to its usual rate when the deal comes to an end.  Also it can affect your credit rating if you keep switching to too many cards.

Anyhow, I managed to switch my cards to lower rate balance transfers for life, but I did all mine before the banks hit their current crisis.  There are still good deals out there but not as many.  I have whittled on and on, so I will sign off now, but do check out Martin’s site because it could save you thousands and for us often hard up Carers who are either managing on one wage or benefits, it is well worth the time and effort.

Let me know how you all get on, would love to hear. Love and best wishes from a Carer Buddy on CarersConnectInt.com


Helpful Tip: as our Carer Buddy suggests, check out Martin’s website to get YOUR debt in CONTROL and become a Credit Card Tart Martin Lewis Website” http://www.moneysavingexpert.com”


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