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A Big Hello!

Hello to all my Carer Buddies on Carersconnectint.com … I have only just joined the website and already I have found members from across the Globe. It is so great to be able to communicate with Carers no matter where you are in the World.

no1_pink-325x312I wanted to say that Caring can be exhausting at times, but honestly, we do manage to have some fun too … and I have found it a very rewarding experience.

The person I care for loves to go out and about … but they would wouldn’t they, seeing as it’s me doing the pushing of the wheelchair, the nappy changes, the bag carrying … I’m egg cook and bottle washer!! but I’m not complaining am I …. would I dare!!

Seriously, I have lost count of how many times I have packed the car, made the sandwiches and flask and got us all settled and ready to go for that picnic and I forgot my wallet, or left the back door open, or worst still shut the front door only to discover that I left the keys on the bottom step in the hallway!!

I can hear you all cry, yeh me too!! …. and Joe Bloggs down the road always thinks it’s me that’s the Cared For and my wife who is the Carer .. that’s because I resemble a “I just got out of bed look” whenever I am out and about … my wife on the other hand always looks picture perfect …. but I simply don’t have time to think about me too.

I did glance at the Top 10 Tips on here and I am working on it, honestly Elaine … seriously though I am trying … but one of the things I have found is that I just don’t take life quite as seriously as I used to and I certainly don’t beat myself up about my failings, weaknesses or inadequacies … no-one can be good at EVERYTHING, but I do a damn good job at my caring role and I give it my best shot…. and what more can anyone ask of me…. and I try to have a laugh along the way too cos I think that’s important.

And as I raise my glass, cos it’s ten past eleven at night and I am having a tipple …. here’s to all my Carer Buddies on carersconnectint.com and may tomorrow be a brighter day for all of us!! …here, here, I hear you saying!!

Cheerio fellow Carers from one of your Carer Buddies …. until tomorrow that is, when I will be tapping away again at those keys making a nuisance of myself by e-mailing one of you!! … or when I can grab a quick half hour while my misses is cat napping and snoring like a rhinoceros …..but bet you can’t guess who?

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