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Covid-19 has put carers under enormous pressure already, often alone and with very little support. Our carers community is here to support you during this time of isolation, click find out more to read our advice.

About Us

Little bit of history about Carersconnectint (a non-profit organisation)


Hi Everyone,

Firstly, a Big Warm Welcome.New about us page image for Carers Connect Ltd

The idea behind Carersconnectint was thought about way back in 2007. As a Carer to a loved one I was finding it hard to get the support I so desperately needed. I felt alone, isolated and completely lost. I struggled to find people who understood what I was going through.

After a chance meet and greet with a few people who were Carers to relatives in the same Area of Care as myself, (Mental Health) I realised we had a lot in common. We spoke the same language. We had empathy for each other. In other words, we “totally got it”.

It felt like coming home from a long-awaited reunion. It then became a regular and safe place to chat over coffee, unwind and share our stories confidentially.

But as Carers we know only too well about the struggles we face finding time for ourselves if our loved one is needing our Care 24/7 so the idea behind Carersconnectint was born. No need to leave the house, just log on when the time suits you, message a Carer using the confidential, secure and safe on-line messaging service and find that like-minded Carer that you can share your troubles with.

So, Carersconnectint is now a reality and our unique Search Menu allows you to put in your Area of Care, whether it be Covid-19, Mental Health, Alzheimers. Simply pop in the Area that you live in and Search away. If the Area of Care you are dealing with is not in the drop- down menu then do get in touch and we can add this for you.

The site is here so you can message and be messaged by other Carers and find the Support from the isolation you feel.

Join in the conversation to over on our blog and do feel free to get in touch via our Contact page if you wish to discuss a particular topic, or have any queries at all.

Use the unique one- time access Code for completely Free Membership during the Covid-19 period and enjoy all the benefits that Full Membership to the site can provide.

Come by say hi over on my Instagram too, “Elaineyloves” and see what I’ve been up to. I post all things fashion, food and bits and bobs.  We all need to live a little. You will see lots of pictures of food, hairdos and the garden. There is also a link to the website in my bio.

I so look forward to getting to know you.

Very fond wishes to you all and do stay safe and well.



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