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Our Covid-19 advice

Covid-19 has put carers under enormous pressure already, often alone and with very little support. Our carers community is here to support you during this time of isolation, click find out more to read our advice.

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"Love this site, it's about sharing your life with others who know exactly what you're going through."

- Greg

"Enjoyed the Story of the Month, it's so much like what happens to me - I'm not alone out there, yippee!"

- Kelly

"I was desperately searching for help and inspiration and saw this lovely site."

- Julie

"Found someone caring for the same illness. Great when you find another person in the same boat!"

- Sandra

"Really liked the Top Ten tips & Coping Strategies - excellent! Helped me no end!"

- Robert

"Many thanks to this great site, a ray of light when things were getting on top of me!"

- Steven

"We have needed a site like Carers Connect for a long time, looking forward to getting to know other carers."

- Paul, London